Market Minute: Interest rates and the yield curve

Sierra Mutual Funds | 4/3/2019

The yield curve inverts when consumers are able to borrow money at a lower interest rate for a longer period of time. It's unusual when it occurs, and it has investors a bit nervous. What affect does it have on the way we manage money for our clients? Terri provides her perspectives.

Market Minute: Understanding emerging markets investments

Sierra Mutual Funds | 7/1/2019

When considering investments in emerging markets for your clients, the opportunity for growth is tremendous; but if you are seeking to increase diversification, you may want to look deeper into emerging markets debt. Terri shares her perspective in this week's Market Minute.

Market Minute: Three popular methods for managing municipal bond

Sierra Mutual Funds | 9/23/2019

Municipal bonds, often a staple component of the fixed income sleeve of a client's portfolio, aren't exempt from periods of extreme volatility. We've found that financial advisors prefer one of three different methods for managing them. This week, Terri breaks down the features and benefits of each, and shares her personal preference.

Market Minute: How we manage the interest rate environment

Sierra Mutual Funds | 12/2/2019

2019's theme seems to be interest rates. They've been up, they've been down, and each move has been at a different velocity. With so much fluctuation, we're often asked how we are able to manage through the challenging environment. Terri explains in this week's Market Minute.

Market Minute: Sequence of returns risk

Sierra Mutual Funds | 12/16/2019

Unlike other investing risks, sequence of returns risk isn't a statistical figure that can be found or screened out in Morningstar. It's a risk that is unique to each individual investors experience. Terri explains how we're able to mitigate this overlooked risk in this week's Market Minute.